Hi I’m Yasmin

I’m a qualified nursery nurse with a particular interest in languages.

I used to be a Mum in the classes attending Whippersnappers with my 2 daughters before I trained to be a music tutor.

I really enjoy my role as a Whippersnapper under-fives music tutor and love being part of the Whippersnappers Live online Team making new videos and hosting zoom sessions for families during the lockdown.

I also work on our holiday playschemes, afterschool clubs and you may meet me as a pixie in Fairyland or an elf at Santa’s Grotto!

 At weekends I happily host children’s birthday parties (baby to 6 yrs.)

The BEST part of working at Whippersnappers is ultimately ‘sharing the joy!’ It’s always uplifting to be singing together, seeing your children try out percussion instruments and drumming, dressing up and dancing with you all beneath the bubbles.!!

I love working alongside the warm and creative Whippersnappers team who are like family.

In my free time, I enjoy Kuk Sool Won martial arts (blue belt), parkour, gong baths, outdoor silent discos, Duolingo Japanese and READING! (Currently reading ‘Into the Magic Shop ‘ by neurosurgeon Dr James R Doty).

I’m local so when you see me out and about, please do give me a wave or stop for a quick chat!

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